We are always in need of fosters who are willing to take a dog (or dogs) into their home and treat them with kindness while they are waiting for their forever home. If you are interested in opening your home and heart to one of our rescued Korean dogs, please fill out the form below and we will be in contact with you!

  • References

    Please provide two personal references
  • Day to Day Care

  • Household Information

  • Foster Preferences

  • Tough Decisions

  • Agreement

  • Agreement between Guardians International and Volunteer

    • Guardians International will reimburse only approved vet fees on any rescue dog. Any extraordinary out-of-pocket expenses will require prior approval.

    • Volunteers will accept no dog without previous approval from Guardians International Members.

    • All dogs being fostered are the property of Guardians International and will be turned over to a member upon demand.

    • If a volunteer seeks to adopt a dog in foster, they will sign an adoption agreement.

    • I/we recognize and agree that any information that Guardians International may have received about a DOG from either the surrendering family, or a shelter from which the DOG has been obtained, or by any other means that the DOG has come into our Rescue Organization, could be false, incomplete or unknown and I/we will hold harmless Guardians International, its agents, representatives, members, successors or assigns from any and all claims of liability for any conduct, behavior, damage or injury caused by the dog to any person or property on or after the date of this agreement; from any claim or damages known or unanticipated resulting from any claim or damages arising by my/our fostering of any DOG or control thereof.

    • I/we agree that by taking a dog into foster is a commitment for whatever the length of time it takes to prepare the dog emotionally and physically before permanent placement. I hereby affirm all information provided herein is true to best of my knowledge. I have read this agreement and agree to its terms. I understand Home Inspection & reference checks are part of this application process. I affirm that neither I, nor any member of my household, has been charged or convicted of Abuse or Cruelty to Animals.